Urs Kalecinski vs Ramon Dino - Classic Physique Arnold Classic Ohio 2023 (4K)
Urs Kalecinski vs Ramon Dino - Classic Physique Arnold Classic Ohio 2023 (4K)

Bayo warms up with a mere 120 kilogram bench press, so you’d better listen up

Adebayo Akinfenwa is no stranger to the weights room – but the guns aren’t just for show.

His strength, close control and reading of the game make him a nightmare for opposition defenders to deal with, and his dedicated workout regime has also helped him maintain a 20-year career in professional football.

Despite his public perception as a big guy, Akinfenwa has scored goals wherever he’s gone.

His Wycombe Wanderers side have just been promoted to the second tier of English football for the first time in their history, but the 38-year-old still feels he has a lot in the tank.

In an interview with JOE, the former Swansea striker shared some of his fitness tips and motivation for gaining strength in the gym.

Akinfenwa said: “Right now, 120 [kilograms] would be my daily warm up. I haven’t hit the heights of the 190s at the moment, but I’ve always said I will hit 200kg before I retire.

“At the moment, I’m kicking with 120, 130, reps of eight – that’s what I’m doing daily.”

Akinfenwa says his decision to start lifting weights seriously began after suffering a broken leg while at Swansea. He also recalled sharing a gym with the Ospreys rugby team.

“Up until the age of 24, I wasn’t a massive gym goer.

“At Swansea, we used to share the gym with the Ospreys. I remember we did a gym session together and it just kicked in my competitive edge and my love of the gym.”

If you’re in need of some workout inspiration, Akinfenwa’s advice is simple: stick to your plan, and just get it done.

“It’s repetition, repetition is key,” he says.

“It’s always got to be about progression, and I feel that once you’ve put a plan in place, it’s about executing the plan.

“Execute your plan, whatever it is. If your goal is 120, 190, 200 kilograms, that’s the plan – of course you then need to execute the plan and take small steps towards it.”

Adebayo Akinfenwa’s choice of dream workout partner can be described as the most electrifying man in sports entertainment.

“When I did meet The Rock, and I interviewed him, we did say we were gonna have a workout session. So I’d say a workout session with The Rock would be fun – we’d get some work done.

“I saw some of his posts recently and he looks like a real beast at the moment, so I’ll have to take him on in the off-season when I’ve got nothing to play for.”

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